Programs and Services

River City Coaching (RCC) offers Workshops and Individual/Group Coaching.

Individual Coaching

Every client is unique, capable, creative and courageous. Coaching is not about telling a client what to do, but it is about providing reflective guidance allowing the client to connect their own dots. RCC provides individual coaching services lasting 30 to 60 minutes, that are usually conducted virtually (through Skype or Phone).

Creative and Innovative Insights Workshop

Are you tired of unproductive strategy meetings that waste your team’s valuable time? Is it imperative that your group get “on the same page”? Do you need to insightful group thinking to map out strategic goals and action plans?

If you said “Yes” to any of the above, then the Creative and Innovative Insights workshop will be invaluable to your team.

You will use a suite of right brain tools such as Mind Mapping & Creative Visualization, to elicit your group’s thoughts and ideas. This helps everyone can see the complete picture.

RCC Creative Innovative ThinkingThis workshop has numerous benefits:

  • gets your team’s creative juices flowing
  • helps you refine and articulate your group vision
  • increases motivation and commitment by bringing clarity on purpose
  • improves productivity and efficacy of any future sessions
  • increases team collaboration and participation
  • generates an environment for informed decision-making
  • 80+% of us are visual thinkers. Using visual facilitation skills decreases meeting time by 24%
  • The resultant artifacts reflect your group identity, vision and roadmap. This cohesive group vision acts as an anchor ensuring continuity and congruency in ongoing dialogue

This workshop doesn’t leave left brain tools behind. We use principles from Agile, Lean and Kaizen in eliciting the collective wisdom of your group.

Intrigued? View samples of work on Flickr.

Group Coaching

Group coaching workshops are available for big and small organizations. The program agenda can be customized based on the group’s needs. As always, ICF Coaching ground rules apply. The group will adhere to the coaching framework by asking for permission, listening, reflecting and sharing their insights with the team.

Speaking Engagements

Kay is a passionate advocate of coaching and the difference that it makes in the growth and development of individuals and organizations. She is also outspoken about the benefits of invoking the power of the right brain and the need for right brain coaching/training/tools. Kay is available for speaking engagements at Fortune 500 companies, schools and non-profit organizations.

Want to learn more about any of these programs and services? Get in touch.

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