Kay FudalaWelcome to River City Coaching. I am Kay Fudala, your resident Creative Coach.

As an ICF-trained and certified coach, I have helped many clients find happiness and success in career and life transitions. My clients have amplified their self-confidence, created powerful, positive and transformational changes in their life.

Over 80% of us are visual thinkers. Yet, the resources available to us for goal-setting and personal development do not capitalize on this modality. I am passionate about coaching using brain based tools that draw out my client’s’ innate creativity. My Coaching program combines ICF approved coaching techniques with tools drawn from other disciplines such as creative visualization, mind-mapping and storytelling.

I may live in River City of Richmond, Virginia, but I love to coach clients from all over the world. Interested in learning more about what brain based coaching and tools can do for you? Get in touch by submitting your information.

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